Jin Kui Wan

( 金匱腎氣丸 จินคุยหยวน )

Actions and Ingredients

To reinforce yang of the kidney. Used to deficiency of the kidney yang marked by cold sensation in the loins and knees, edema of the limbs, oliguria, or on the contrary, polyuria, or marked by retention of fluid with cough and dyspnea.

Usage and Dosage

8 pills once, three times daily


Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch, Rhizoma Dioscoreae., Paeonia Suffruticosa Andr., Poria Cocos Wolf., Cinnamomum Cassia Presl, Aconitum Carmichaeli debx (prepared), Rhizoma Alisatis, Cornus Officinalis, Mel-apis cerana fabr.


จินคุยหยวน Jin Kui Wan

Jin Kui Wan


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